Journeys School 10th Grade Personal Projects: Drone Photography

Editor’s Note: At Journeys School, all 10th grade students complete a Personal Project as part of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. Each student chooses a topic of personal interest, identifies a goal for their learning, researches their topic, creates a product to address their goal, and reflects on the process. Personal Projects are a great opportunity for students to work independently on a subject of personal interest and to make a product to share their learning and reflection with others. During the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting these Personal Projects on the TSS blog. Take a look at our earlier posts on fingerstyle guitar, crocheting hats, cross-country skiing, talking to strangers, and touring the Jackson Campus of TSS.

My project focused on drones and photographing Jackson Hole from the air. One of the challenges that I was faced with was gaining access to other people’s property to be able to shoot. In the end I was not given permission to travel to Stilson and photograph, however I was still able to obtain media from my backyard and the high school. As drones become more common and ubiquitous in the American household, I wanted to experiment with them and photograph before the government cracks down on them too much. As a pilot and photographer, this hobby and personal project builds upon my interests in both fields as a student and a learner.

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