Community Impact = Inquiry + Design

Tuesday, October 24
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. MT


Place-based education can give students the curiosity, skills, and agency to positively impact their communities. In this session, explore and discuss the place-based principles of inquiry and design thinking, hear inspiring examples of impact projects, and envision community impact for your own students.

Professional Learning Outcomes:

  • I can guide learners through an observation and question process to build curiosity and better focus exploration and investigation of place.
  • I can guide learners to define a challenge or opportunity with empathy, with an understanding of bias, and a view toward community need.


This virtual workshop is free to Wyoming and Place Network School teachers and is part of the fall Professional Learning Series. Please email professionallearning@tetonscience.org for the discount code.


If you sign up for 1 workshop the price is $17, 2 are $27, and you can sign-up for all for $34!