Understanding your Place

Tuesday, October 10
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. MT


An understanding of self is the starting point to understanding a place. Get to know your place in this 90-minute virtual workshop through inquiry, exploration, and reflection by engaging in a virtual place-based scavenger hunt. Then dig more deeply to uncover a story about your place to deepen your own understanding of your community’s history and current events.

Professional Learning Objectives:

  • I can intentionally prepare by developing my own background knowledge on current events and historical contexts within our local community.
  • I can use the place triangle (economy, ecology, and culture) to design learning in and about community for my students.
  • I consider equity and cultural competency to differentiate instruction, include all students, and amplify marginalized identities.


This virtual workshop is free to Wyoming and Place Network School teachers and is part of the fall Professional Learning Series. Please email professionallearning@tetonscience.org for the discount code.


If you sign up for 1 workshop the price is $17, 2 are $27, and you can sign-up for all for $34!