Geoneers Geo Tour

Driving Question

How can we get people to enjoy learning about our valley?
Grades Involved


What PBE Principles were highlighted in this project?

Community as Classroom, Learner-Centered, Design Thinking, Interdisciplinary

Project Description

Through this project students learned about the ecosystems unique to our local area. Our Science connection was through the collection of eDNA to identify fish in four local water ways and begin the process of monitoring Bull Trout success (native, vulnerable species) in two local streams. Through the building of Geocaches (and connecting them on the website), students completed research, writing, and design of their unique cache culminating in a gull Geo Tour. The tour will teach about both the Bull Trout, native species and our natural resources.

Students also questioned and determined species of wildlife and plant life in their chosen location then created food webs and some biome webbing. The hope is to create an engaging opportunity for others to explore and learn about our local area.

 How did this positively impact community? How was it shared?

This project connects our local students to our community and rich natural resources. Students then lead the way to creating geocaches which are part of a tour of the areas local natural gems. Students learn about coordinates, ecosystems, eDNA, as well as key content objectives.

This project will be shared on the GeoCaching website database.

Upon reveal (post COVID), students, families and visitors will be able to get outside actively scavenging for the Geocaches. This will be shared on the GeoCache website, via posters and on Forest Service bulletin boards.


The biggest challenge simply was in finding time to have the bus to get out to the field/forest. However, the absolute most rewarding component was being in the field and creating stewards of our land.

If I could give any words of wisdom for new PBE teachers, it would be:

“Student driven projects empower higher level learning. Take the leap! The kids will show you the way!”

“Projects such as this are messy, creative and the most rewarding. Never plan too much for the kids will show you more than you can imagine.” – Courtney Fisher