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Mountaineer Tiny Home

By: Meadows Valley Middle School Students

Driving Question

How might we understand and address housing challenges in our valley and around the world?

Project Description

We will investigate housing challenges locally and globally, we will construct a tiny home, and we will make a difference in our valley by paying it forward.

We decided to build an 8 x 24 foot tiny home. We have been studying housing in our region and around the world, green living, grant writing, the trades, construction, repurposing, and even real estate sales.

First, we sketched out ideas, taped out the layout with masking tape on our classroom floor, and agreed on a general design, but are committed to letting donations drive our design.

We’ve finished framing and insulating the floor, laid plywood flooring down, and brainstormed plans for our tiny home kitchen. We finished the roofing, walls, and window installation. Next up is plumbing, electricity, and perhaps even taking our 200 square foot project off-the-grid.

Community Impact

We presented to Parks and Recreation board for the City of New Meadows about our project goals in September and to the School Board in November. Our tiny home went to auction in May 2019.

In the News: New Meadows students build tiny home, raise awareness of housing crisis in their community


It’s flowed together really well, but we were given a trailer that is higher than usual for a tiny home, so to get enough head room inside, we had to modify our rafters without being over the height limit.

Words of Wisdom

“If you have a really passionate project that is going to help your community, then things are just going to fall into place. If… everything is framed in this larger purpose, you’re not going to have… trouble.”

~Devon Barker-Hicks, English teacher

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