The Arena: Chicken Coop

What was your driving question?

How can we bring chickens to Glenwood and use the product to better our community?

Grades Involved

Grades 7th & 8th

How did this project connect to your local or regional community?

Students set out to engage with several other grade levels in the school, as well as use eggs to provide nutritional food for less fortunate students and families.

What PBE principles were highlighted in this project?

Learner-Centered, Design Thinking, Community as Classroom, Interdisciplinary Approach, and Inquiry-Based.

Project Description

In the beginning stages of this project, students broke themselves into five major planning groups: fundraising, research, supplies, renovations, and nesting/roosting. These groups planned and reported their initial ideas and findings to the larger group, and from there, students moved into renovations. The renovations group consisted of 15 students and thy prioritized a goal followed by several smaller goals. Each day they came ready to tackle the next set of tasks laid out, and they renovated an old box truck that had been previously turned into a small shed/storage building – complete with paint, a bit of flooring, and the roof. Our campus is excited for this coop to come to life.


How did this positively impact the community? How was it shared?

Students were excited to share their progress with many community members, and we found the best method of communication to be word of mouth amongst community members. I believe the biggest positive impact of this project so far is bringing our school community closer together. Students have also learned a great deal.

Reflection: What was the biggest challenge? What was the most rewarding aspect of this project?

The biggest challenge has been some parts of the renovation that are more daunting, such as removing the existing damaged roof and determining who we can find to help us rebuild a new one. The most rewarding aspect has been watching the students overcome these challenges and problem-solve/use their resources. They are dedicated, invested, and excited.

Any advice for a teacher or student that is implementing a PBE project for the first time?

“Don’t feel defeated if everything doesn’t work out exactly as planned. It can be a long process. Trust your students!” – Teacher

“Get organized, have a plan, and assign roles” – Student A