Return to Bhutan 2014: Place-Based Education Professional Development

From January 9 – 24, 2014, I will be returning to Bhutan and meeting Kate Bodey (faculty from Teton Science Schools who has been traveling in India for the past 3 weeks). Kate and I will be continuing Teton Science Schools’ partnership with the Ministry of Education in Bhutan as supported by the Peterson Education Initiative.

While in Bhutan we will spend 10 days in Damphu (in south central Bhutan) offering an intensive place-based education professional development workshop for teachers. The teacher attendees of the workshop will represent each of Bhutans’ 20 dzongkhags (or administrative districts, comparable to states in the US). During the 10-day workshop, teachers will immerse in place-based education theory and practice and become trainers for other teachers about place-based education. The workshop will culminate on day 10 with the teacher participants leading a new group of teachers in a 1-day workshop on place-based education.

In addition to time in Damphu, we will spend time in Thimphu meeting with the Ministry of Education and Royal University of Bhutan about the partnership and our continued work together. We hope to meet up with several of our former graduate students and other past teacher visitors from Bhutan to Teton Science Schools.

We will keep this blog updated every few days with photos and stories about the trip and the workshop. Please check back often to find out more!


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