Teton Research Institute Will Co-Host Wildlife Symposium

Teton Research Institute, in conjunction with the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative, is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the 2014 Jackson Hole Wildlife Symposium on the Jackson Campus. The theme of the December 4th event will be “Towards a Resilient Future”. The symposium will be an opportunity for manager,s biologists, social scientists, cnservation professionals, public officials and other intersted members of the communtiy to share and discuss the challenges facing wildlife in Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Speakers, presentations and discussions will explore the following questions. How are knowledge, science and the challenges facing us shifting in new directions? What are the current and future threats to wildlife in the region? What are the latest developments in advancing our understanding of these threats? How can we think in a more integrative manner to address conservation challenges? What is “resilience thinking”, and how can we begin to build a more resilient future for the region?

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