Teton Science Schools Represented at Wildlife Film Fest

Last week the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival was held at Jackson Lake Lodge. This year Teton Science Schools sponsored the Children’s Film Award. It was a great privilege to spend the day among so many who capture the essence of wildlife behavior and habitat with film. I attended a session that spoke directly to the challenge we face as educators and filmmakers. How do we stay relavant in the age of instant media snapshots and social media? This same challenge faces film makers everyday. Their budgets are tighter and their timeframes are shorter. I found it interesting that the President’s and GM’s of Discovery Network and National Geographic find the world of social media a challenge. Wildlife Expeditions faces this same challenge. Is the image of a bull moose on one’s iPhone or iPad the same as experiening a bull moose first hand? My personal opinion is no. But there is a need to reach out to those that do not have the ways or means to see the real thing. Film, video and technology are instrumental in providing great information. So in the end, we all have challenges to overcome. It just may take a little creativity. FYI-sent from my iPhone while watching a grizzly bear.

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