Wyoming Stream Team’s Newest Members

Dissolved oxygen, macroinvertebrates and stream discharge are just a few things that the ten teachers from across Wyoming are studying this week as part of the Wyoming Stream Team workshop. The four-day workshop held each July at the Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools trains teachers in chemical, biological and physical stream monitoring protocols along with inquiry-based educational tools. As the newest members of Wyoming Stream Team, these teachers will incorporate local stream monitoring into their classrooms, inspiring their students to become watershed stewards and sharing their monitoring data on the Wyoming Stream Team website.

Wyoming Stream Team is a state-wide educational stream monitoring program involving students, teachers and other volunteers who collect water quality data on Wyoming’s waterways. The mission of Wyoming Stream Team is to promote awareness and stewardship of Wyoming’s water resources through education and data sharing. Funding for Wyoming Stream Team is provided in part by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality through a Clean Water Act Section 319 grant from the United States EPA. For more information, please visit The Wyoming Strem Team website.

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