Wyoming Wildlife Wonders: Day 4

New photos here. Stay tuned for blog entries on Friday night or Saturday that detail our Yellowstone trip!

Overview of the DayToday we went on a hike around Taggart Lake. The hike up there was so beautiful. The weather was amazing and the view was spectacular. We are super excited about going to Yellowstone tomorrow to camp. We practiced setting up our tents and talked about what to pack for tomorrow. We are anxious and nervous about Yellowstone, but I know it’s going to be an awesome experience. -DianeMountainsI never thought that learning about the Teton mountains could be so fun. I learned that the mountains are here because of the Teton Plate and that they are made of igneous and metamorphic rock. I also learned that they could grow up to one inch a year. I will never forget of learning about mountains in such a beautiful place. -Megan B.

GlaciersAt Taggart Lake we learned of the affects of glaciers from millions of years ago. The glaciers carved the Tetons and created glacial moraines leaving many glacial lakes in this area. The lake we canoed on yesterday, String Lake, was also a glacial lake. Our instructor, Benj, told us that people often think that those lakes are so cold because they are glacial lakes. -Gussy

FireOn today’s hike, we walked through an area that was burned about 25 years ago. It was so green and healthy. You could only tell that there was a fire because the dead trees on the ground were charred. Wild fires are actually good sometimes. The area that has been burned makes a good habitat for animals. Some trees need fire and some fire fighters do controlled burns where they burn a certain area for its benefit. -Kinsey

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