Remembering E.O. Wilson, “the father of biodiversity”

Teton Science Schools would like to acknowledge the passing of preeminent scientist, naturalist, author and teacher, Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D. He is known as “the father of biodiversity”. E.O. Wilson died on December 26, 2021 in Burlington, …

Moose of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Moose and two calves standing in water


Many moose calves celebrated their first birthdays earlier this summer. And if you are a mama moose in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem that has raised a calf to its first birthday, you’re pretty darn special. …

Bears and Berries

grizzly bear with two cubs in summer landscape

Making the most of opportunities that allow people to safely and respectfully observe bears in the wilds of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks is a special part of what we do through Wildlife Expeditions at Teton Science Schools. …

How to Avoid Crowds in Yellowstone

geyser basin with rising plumes of mist

The 2.2 million acres of Yellowstone National Park are filled with remarkable sights and wildlife. They are also filled with an annual total of over 4 million visitors, most of whom are in the park between mid-May to the end of September. The crowds, limited parking, and heavy traffic can add to the stress of a visit and disconnect us from the magic of an encounter with Yellowstone wilderness. Yet even on the busiest day of the summer, you can still find intimate moments in the Park.