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TSS Stories of Impact: Kimberly Johnston

Kimberly JohnstonKimberly Johnston is a Teton Science Schools Field Education alumna. Kimberly participated in a week-long field education program at the Kelly Campus in the winter of 1985. Kimberly is currently a partner at Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) in the EY Americas Power & Utilities practice.

“Attending a week-long program at Teton Science Schools was a foundational experience in my lifetime pursuit to conserve and protect nature.” 

The scientific teachings of Teton Science Schools biologists and naturalists conveyed the profound impact modernized society has on our finite natural resources. The stunning views of moose roaming along the Snake River with the majestic Grand Teton in the backdrop did strike a chord deep within me that humanity and nature are innately interconnected in the masterful design of planet Earth.

It was nearly 35 years ago that I experienced Teton Science Schools as part of the Field Education program and, since then, I have held myself accountable to be an environmental conscientious leader to influence others, including my children, to protect our fragile ecosystems. 

Kimberly Johnston in Kilimanjaro
Kimberly Johnston in Kilimanjaro National Park

In collaboration with several public universities, I launched a charity, Good Works Houston, that has supported more than 70 entrepreneurs in solving social and environmental issues identified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. One of my most recent stewardship projects was the launch of a virtual blockchain curriculum at The University of Utah for which EY US helped in the development and delivery of the curriculum. Mainstream adoption of blockchain has the potential to foster environmental conscientious consumption through accountability of supply chain choices.

As a partner in the EY Americas Power & Utilities practice, I have extensive experience working with Fortune 500 energy companies in co-creating novel strategies to address complex energy regulations. In the last decade, we have seen significant carbon reductions in the energy sector from the technology breakthroughs of distributed energy resources and grid-scale battery solutions. My 28-year career has been dedicated to the energy sector and pursuing actions to combat our climate change crisis.

Teton Science Schools’ core values of personal accountability and community stewardship for the environment conveyed the importance of taking action. One gracious act for us all to consider is supporting a high school student, child or grandchild to experience Teton Science Schools. It is my belief that each Teton Science Schools student will become the ripple effect of positive environmental change and, collectively, we will create a sustainable future. 

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