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Graduate Program Paused

The Graduate Program has been a Teton Science Schools tradition for 30 years and has a rich network of more than 400 alumni. We would like to see the Graduate Program continue to provide transformational experiences and leadership development for students and educators. In order to meet the needs of the market and the next generation of place-based education leader leaders, we need time and space to conduct market research, consider a range of delivery models, and rethink the program

If you would like to consider supporting the revisioning work of the TSS Graduate Program, please reach out to Josh Kleyman, Chief Advancement Officer at josh.kleyman@tetonscience.org or 307.732.7757.

If you would like to explore other Teton Science Schools educator development programs, see our AmeriCorps programs. You can also learn about teaching and other career opportunities at Teton Science Schools.

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Live and Learn in the Tetons

The Teton Science Schools Graduate Program was a nine-month immersive, residence learning experience that weaved together academic coursework, practical teacher training and interdependent living. Students that joined the program experienced a unique blend of academic and practical training through coursework in ecology, education, and authentic teaching experiences in Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, as well as public and independent schools in the greater Wyoming landscape.

Our program exists to develop effective place-based educators and equip them to become committed change-makers in their communities.

Deeper Learning

Deep learning happens when you are connected to place, people, and self in authentic ways. Within our immersive program, graduate faculty facilitate learning experiences with a hands-on approach toward targeted outcomes. Faculty encourage students to reflect, think critically, and act with integrity. The Teton Science Schools grad program uses a cohort model and block academics to emphasize depth over breadth.


Relationships are at the heart of the Teton Science Schools graduate program. Graduate students live and learn with each other throughout the year, developing deep connections as they grow. Faculty mentorship is embedded into all aspects of the program and provides rich opportunities to learn alongside experts in the field through discussion, discovery and growth-oriented feedback.

Intentional Culture

Our intentional culture is based on explicit shared values. These values are built every year with each incoming cohort, and have included: integrity, inclusion, passion, continuous learning, authenticity and love. Shared values act as guideposts and points of dialogue through the year.


Graduate students live and learn in Grand Teton National Park, allowing them to develop an intimate appreciation of and deep awareness for all aspects of place. The process of learning natural history, culture, and social-ecological systems of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem gives students the skills to effectively lead in any place or community.

My TSS graduate school year was an expansive year for me. My perspective widened, my heart grew so big it often felt like it was at the edge of bursting, my mind was opened.

Laura Woolf Haspela Alumna, 2001 (Current 7th Grade Teacher)