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Board of Directors

  • Joohee Muromcew Chair

  • Len Purkis Treasurer

  • Jack Livingood Secretary

  • Phil Coosaia Advancement Committee Co-Chair

  • Kristie Wade Advancement Committee Co-Chair

  • Kate Muir Welsh Education Committee Chair

  • Dana Scott Andersson Board Member

  • Dave Brown Board Member

  • Gordon Finnegan Board Member

  • Petria Fossel Board Member

  • Will MacNaughton Board Member

  • Nancy Leon Board Member

  • Gretchen Long Board Member

  • Marina Marrelli Board Member

  • Rob Wallace Board Member

  • Margot Watters Board Member

Emeritus Members

Shelby Davis
Addie Donnan
Ralph and Louise Haberfeld
Dick Jones
Jean Jorgensen
Clarke A. Nelson
Jack Nunn
Gilman Ordway
Bob Smith, Ph.D.
Margot Snowdon
David Stokes
Richard Sugden, M.D.
Christy Walton

Ex-Officio Members

Vickie Mates
Sylvia Parker


Joan and Ted Major