Capstone Experience

The graduate students have been furiously planning and executing summer capstone programs for the past six weeks. Some of these programs include High School Field Ecology, Field Natural History, and our new Summer Search Program:Teach, Learn & Educate. We currently have 38 High School aged students from around the world participating in these programs. These students have created beautiful art, spent time in the wonders of Yellowstone National Park and will be hitting the Teton Mountain Range for a backcountry trip. They are a wonderful group of students and we are thrilled to have been a part of their learning experience. However, it is almost time for us to say goodbye to our graduate students.We are wrapping up the graduate class of 2010-2011 with mixed emotions. We are extremely proud and excited for what lies ahead for our Graduate Students, who will be graduating August 3rd from our program. But incredibly sad to see such a fantastic group of adults leave the Kelly Campus which has become their home for the past year. Please join us in congratulating them all for a tremendously successful year and wish them safe travels to wherever their path takes them.

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