Connecting to Community & Place while Social Distancing


Whether you are practicing social distancing at home, caring for a loved one who is ill or trying to make sense of an uncertain and fast-evolving public health crisis, things have been feeling pretty heavy over the last couple of weeks. For many of us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

At Teton Science Schools, we’ve been doing our best to share updates on how we’re quickly evolving our model of place-based learning to function at a distance. But we also realize that many of you might be feeling isolated, worried or just in need of a pick-me-up.

That’s why we rounded up this list of ideas on how to connect with your community and place while practicing safe social distancing. Enjoy!

Enjoy Nature & the Arts from Home

Rock Out & Listen

      • Local and international musicians are bringing their music into your living rooms with virtual concerts and music lessons. Check out this new Instagram feed that lets you know when your favorite artists are live streaming a concert or tune in on Monday nights for Jackson Hole’s own virtual Hootenanny (featuring some of our own TSS’ers)!
      • Podcast’s are a great way to escape into a story, docu-series or the news. They can also be a great place to learn something new. We’ve been loving this one by TSS alumni, Jesse Bryant and Hannah Habermann, all about the history and myths of Jackson Hole!

Get Creative

      • Many of us are finding that with more time at home, there is more time for diving into creative projects. Skillshare has pulled together a collection of digital classes specifically for getting creative indoors. You can even join Wildlife Expeditions guide, Kevin Taylor, for a digital soap-making class on April 18th! 

Play Games

      • Games are a big part of our world here at TSS — in our community culture and our teaching — and we’re diving into them #togetherathome. Pictionary is a community favorite, but we’ll be shaking things up over the next few weeks with some of these.

Move Your Body

      • Recreating outside will always be a favorite pastime for many of us, but with parks closed and some outdoor venues over saturated with people, recreating and moving inside is becoming a new norm. Many local gyms and fitness studios are offering online versions of their classes right now (again, just do a quick google search), but you can also tune into popular classes from across the world. Check this list out!

Take a Break

      • Support your local library! Local libraries often offer a variety of free streaming options for your favorites tv shows, movies and documentaries. You can also access thousands of e-books that you can download directly to your devices.
      • Sometimes we all just need a few minutes or more to tune in and show some kindness to ourselves. Headspace is offering free support right now — meditations, sleep and movement exercises — and Stop, Breathe & Think offers support specifically for kids!

Join us on the blog next week as we look at all the ways we’re maintaining a sense of community during our current crisis.

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