Dino Facts from the Journeys School Pre-K

Every day, I walk past the Journeys School pre-kindergarten play-yard and wave hello to the kids. They wave enthusiastically and yell “Hi Shellie!” and I continue on with my regular day, but with a fresh smile on my face. I’ve been selfishly collecting their good energy, but today I want to share the joy with you. These kids are kind, curious, collaborative AND they can still count their age on one hand!

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of interviewing the pre-k class on one of their #1 passions: Dinosaurs! We sat down in the play-yard, and when I initiated the dinosaur interview, I was immediately asked if I was a paleontologist. Readers, I’m sorry to disappoint – I’m not a paleontologist, but I’m one step closer because of this interview. I hope you learn as much as I did.

Q: Where do dinosaurs live?

A: In Jurassic Park!

A: They’re extinct!

A: They could actually be under this gravel. We could take an excavator and get them out. Or maybe dig extra hard.

A: I think they’re just extinct.

Q: What is a dinosaur’s favorite food?

A: Grass

A: Mmm, some have meat.

A: Some like fish.

Q: Do you think they eat breakfast?

A: NO!

Q: What color is a dinosaur?

A: Green.

A: Black, grey, green and red.

A: Black grey green, and red.

A: Actually, they’re black green, grey and red.

Q: Are dinosaurs like people?

A: They are not like us because some of them are bigger, like the T-Rex.

Q: How big is a T-Rex?

A: 100 years old.

A: Probably a million pounds.

A: Bigger than a Spinosaurus or a Brachiosaurus.

Q: What is a dinosaur’s favorite thing to do outside?

A: Hunt!

A: They’re always outside!

A: They sometimes like to dunk underwater and swim there.

A: Pterodactyls like to catch fish underwater.

A: The Velociraptor flies in air.

Q: Where do you think a dinosaur would like to go on vacation?


A: On an adventure to extinct!

A: Maybe just a vacation to find food?

Q: Do you think they’d like the beach?

A: Only if there’s tasty food!

Q: What is something that I don’t know about dinosaurs?

A: A lot of them run very fast. The fastest one is a raptor.

A: They have super sharp teeth.

A: They really actually like to be separate from one another.

A: I love dinosaurs.

A: I like cats.

It should come as no surprise that the group unanimously decided that the next interview will cover both wild and domestic cats. Stay tuned for that interview, but until then, be sure to share the valuable dinosaur facts you’ve learned from this blog post!

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