Exciting Times

Fall is the time to fatten up. This is the season of collecting hawthorns, chokecherries and rose hips. Humans and wildlife are searching the hills and valleys for prime feeding opportunities. If you are out and about keep a watchful eye for bears. The wildlife of the valley is not fooled by the warm tempartures we are experiencing. The animals know that food will be scarce in just a matter of weeks.During the autumn, Wildlife Expeditions conducts multi-day Elk Bugling, Wolf and Bear Packages. These programs spend time capturing the marvel of the large ungulate rutting behavior. Our guests have the opportunity to witness the elk, pronghorn and moose battling out the annual rite to procreate. These autumn programs also have the opportunity to watch black and grizzly bears entering the state of hyperphaga. The cool summer has provided the valley with some bountiful berry crops. It is truly amazing to observe a black bear clean off an entire bush of its berries. Hopefully all of the berries mean plenty of cubs next spring. Many of the summer’s avian visitors have left with hopes of better food resources. Let’s hope they return next year for another wonderful summer.The success of this autumns rut will reward the Wildlife Expeditions team next spring with a new cohort of young animals. We look at these moments of combat and foraging with the hopes that next spring will be yet another wonderful Wolf and Bear season. Happy eating to all.

Image – copyright 2007 Dave Stiles

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