Samantha Strauss

Hometown: South Lyon, MI
Favorite animal in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE): River Otter

Born and raised in Michigan, Sam spent her childhood dreaming of the mountains and rivers of the American West. This dream became reality when Sam left home to study at the University of San Diego. She soon began a career guiding throughout the Southwest, Alaska and Canada.

In 2018, Sam moved to Jackson Hole for a dream job with Teton Science Schools. She spends winters leading trips throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. In the summers, Sam splits her time between Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana. As a science communicator throughout the West, Sam feels she is living her childhood self’s wildest dreams.

Sam’s work with Teton Science Schools is purpose driven. By deepening her own understanding of a place, she comes to feel a greater sense of responsibility to it—to the land’s inhabitants, its beauty, and its future. As a Wildlife Expeditions guide, she wakes up every day with the intention to help others deepen their own relationship with the land around them.

When Sam isn’t out trying to find her favorite animal (otters), she enjoys writing or exploring nearby rivers and trails.