Graduate Students Look Forward and Remember Back

The Winter Semester has begun at the Kelly Campus. With the seasonal shift, it’s logical for our graduate students to begin thinking of steps beyond the Graduate Program. August, after all, is not too far away. So this month’s entry is a check in with the graduate class of 2005-2006, who are approaching their fifth year beyond the Kelly Campus. What are our graduates up to now? And what might our current graduate students expect in five years?The following class notes were compiled by Elizabeth Reed, Graduate Class of 2005-2006.”I saw Katie Hill Renga when I was in Boulder this summer, and she’s doing really well. She just started teaching at what sounds like a pretty sweet center right in Boulder (Thorne Ecological Institute), definitely putting her skills to use. Philip Brownsey is engaged to Rachel, and still living in Northern California. Jenn O’Connor has moved back to Burlington, Vermont, and started her own company bringing yoga to schools (Yoga Farm). That was her major research at Teton Science Schools, so it’s great to watch that come full circle.

Jimmy and Mel are doing well in Salt Lake City. Morgan is farming and skiing near Park City, Utah. West is teaching and climbing away with Walt in Asheville. Jaimie McEvoy is working on her Ph. D and heading down to Mexico for a few months for a research project. Merr teaches in southern Utah. Melissa Mueller got married and had a baby, and I think she’s still in NY. As I’m sure you know Sam and Buth are together, at UW.

Michelle is working on her Ph. D up in Madison and I believe she took some time to travel to Africa this summer.

Every year on January 8 I send out a note to our class, remembering Lauren’s passing. It was such a turning point in my life and I know it’s what brought our class so close together. Maybe you can find it in your heart to flop in a snow bank, swish your arms back and forth, and make a little snow angel on campus this afternoon.”A Merit Scholarship has been created to honor her classmate Lauren Burns, who passed away during their academic year. The scholarship helps to annually fund a current graduate at Teton Science Schools.

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