Graduate Studies – Work Hard, Play Hard

During this winter semester, Graduate Students have worked for weeks in their academic course Ecological Inquiry; investigating conservation and management issues from key stakeholders around the state of Wyoming. Through interviews, discussions, and research, final papers and presentations were completed . . . just in time to go into the backcountry!With a few days free, we stepped away from studies, to ski into Grand Teton National Park for two days of winter camping. The recent trip brought us to Hermitage Point on Jackson Lake. We emerged through the trees to the lakeshore, setup camp, and enjoyed fresh snow, chilly temps, and large pot of cheesy mac. Our night was filled with laughter and stories, while realizing this trip nicely complemented December’s course in Winter Ecology. To emphasize the point, Trumpeter Swans soared overhead as we ate breakfast and prepared for the day’s ski tour. Grand Teton National Park is a remarkable place to study winter ecology, and enjoy camping during any season of the year.

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