Grandparents and Grandfriends Day 2010

As we walked up the path to Journeys School, the sixty or more grandparents in the group were met with excitement and surprise by the students out at recess. Excitement that their grandparent’s or grandfriend’s were going to spend some of the day in classes and surprise that it was actually happening. Such is the life of a young child, amazed at every event. The goal of the day was to give these important friends an experience of what the classrooms were like for students. The visitors learned new ways to do math, heard a summary of an extended trip to Montana, wrote common shared experiences in literacy, and were guided throughout the day by their important young friends. The students owned their responsibilities and recognized the importance of this unique event. After a morning spent learning, our visitors earned a great lunch, a chance to meet other grandparents, and heard from Head of School Nate McClennen about the current vision and focus of the school. This beautiful fall day on campus was yet another way to foster the extraordinary relationships that are a critical part of our program. “I want to go back to school here” was the most often heard quote during this annual event. Click here to view pictures from the event.

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