Hearth and Home

The spirit of the Muries remains ever strong, exemplified through a remarkable honor bestowed upon long-time Murie Ranch Docent, Dan McIlhenny in 2021.

Grand Teton National Park Chief of Interpretation and Partnerships Vicki Mates awarded Murie Ranch’s “Docent Dan” McIlhenny the prestigious title of Honorary Interpretive Park Ranger this fall. McIlhenny announced his retirement in October after serving for more than seven years. McIlhenny joined the Murie Ranch staff as Docent in 2014.

An avid storyteller, Dan came to life when surrounded by friends and strangers on the front porch of the main house, sharing the story of the Muries. He would weave tales of their time together in Alaska, the home they created together in Wyoming, and the enduring impact they made on the conservation movement over the course of 80 years. During his tenure, Dan helped connect people to the surrounding public lands of Grand Teton National Park and inspired Murie Ranch visitors to engage with nature.

The Murie Ranch is a National Historic Landmark district that sits at the intersection of sage, forest and riparian habitats in Grand Teton National Park. The Muries purchased the STS dude ranch in 1945, which served as their home and a hub for the conservation movement. In 1997, The Murie Center was established as a non-profit to steward the Murie Ranch and the legacy of the Muries. Murie Ranch became an official campus of Teton Science Schools in 2015.

“Docent Dan” McIlhenny
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