As January and the new year roll around, the Field Education team at Teton Science Schools is celebrating the transition of three influential faculty members that have touched the lives of countless students, educators, and community members during their combined 17 years at Teton Science Schools. They leave behind a legacy that will continue to inspire generations of educators and students for years to come.

Reid Bauer transformed the manner in which Teton Science Schools provides professional development, shared innovative approaches in mentoring educators, led efforts to meaningfully integrate technology into our programs, masterminded outreach programs in Casper, and created beautiful systems and programs for our largest partnering schools. Reid will be taking his impressive range of professional talents to the IT department at Teton Science Schools.

Rachel Felous has exceeded expectations since she arrived in Coyote Canyon as an AmeriCorps volunteer. As a field educator, she pioneered curriculum and systems for our kindergarten summer camp. As a faculty member, she brought a contagious entrepreneurial spirit to all aspects of her work. Rachel harnessed her creativity, passion for education, and business experience to enrich the development of educators, beautify our gift shop, and welcome a diverse array of events to our campus.

Kelli Petrick has been a science and stewardship super hero since the spring of 2007. As the Research and Stewardship coordinator for Teton Science Schools, Kelli has had profound impact on all program areas. She has facilitated nearly 34,000 hours of community service in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with more than 12,500 participants and nearly 80 partnering organizations. Kelli has also transformed the way we teach science through her leadership of the science committee, creation of the science circle, passion for citizen science, and promotion of longitudinal research projects.

Teton Science Schools aims to change the world by providing experiences that inspire people to become thoughtful global citizens who are connected to and active in their communities. This is a goal that is not easily achieved or measured. Our talented and passionate staff members often don’t see the transformative results of their tireless work due to the longitudinal nature of our impact. Take a moment to reflect on the legacy of these three extraordinary educators and share with us how they have impacted your life.

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