MA TVC Mountain Lions January Newsletter

ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT – Main Ideas and Key Details

In Literacy, the 2/3 Mountain Lions have been reading “Shark Attack”, a short piece of nonfiction about the importance of studying sharks. The second and third graders have developed short paragraphs, describing the main idea of the text using key details found in the book. The collaboration between grades in literacy is unique and allows students to learn and grow alongside their peers.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT – Voting Booths and Hypothesis

The Mountain Lions are diving into their newest Project Lab adventure – a Marketplace. To begin this process, the 2/3 students made hypotheses to test what would be the most popular wants and needs. These hypotheses were put to the test with homemade voting booths to gather data from the TVC community in order to get a concrete sample of what is important to our community.

COMMUNITY FOCUS – Expert Visitor from CRC

Alex from the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley came to speak to the 2/3 Mountain Lions about needs in the greater community of Teton Valley. This helped students connect their work in class to the outside world. Alex shared with them that rent costs, outdoor clothing and equipment are necessary needs in our community, and the Mountain Lions are thinking of ways they can address those needs in Project Lab. 

STUDENT CORNER – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It isn’t often that teachers and students band together to make a life sized igloo! The 2/3 class tapped into their brick-making skills and successfully built an igloo together. This brought the whole TVC community together, getting younger and older students and teachers to collaborate with one another to create a masterpiece. Unfortunately, it did melt, but the memories will live on!

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