Meet Peter Poutiatine

As we look toward the 2019-2020 school year, we want to introduce Peter Poutiatine, new director of teaching and learning from our Pre-K-12 school. The director of teaching and learning serves as the academic leader of the school. This position is responsible for the academic curriculum, providing leadership to faculty, and managing the processes by which instruction is administered to students. Peter joined the Jackson campus staff this year and will move into his new role next year.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role as director of teaching and learning?

Working in common cause with this inspired and inspiring group of colleagues. Hard work on an important project with great people: in my experience, it doesn’t get any better than that.

What’s your favorite personal “journey” you’ve ever been on?

Years ago, I spent six weeks trekking in Nepal and Tibet. In fact, our group hiked from northwest Nepal into Tibet on a trail that had been closed since the 1959 cultural revolution. It was an old footpath, frequented by yaks and used as a trade route. We were only the second group to cross the border on that route since 1959. And I got engaged to my trekking partner on the way back to the states, so it was a life-changing experience.

What’s your favorite place on any of the TSS campuses and why?

I am still getting to know many places on the TSS campuses, but currently my favorite is on the Kelly Campus. There are several places there, actually, where I have come suddenly into full view of the Teton Range, and the power of those peaks has stopped me in my tracks. For a few moments it feels like I am seeing them for the first time. It happens that way every time, but it is somehow always unexpected, and I always think, “It’s a beautiful planet.”

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