New Skills, Adventures & Experiences for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to learn and practice new outdoor skills, explore places off the beaten track, and celebrate accomplishments with new friends. Two new programs through Teton Science Schools provide an excellent opportunity to do all of the above! The Women Only Leadership, Volunteering, Exploration and Science, or WOLVES program, will empower young women to put leadership into practice through a combination of outdoor adventure, community service and scientific exploration. During this week-long program WOLVES will become familiar with their personal leadership styles while giving back to the community, experiencing the logistics of planning for and undertaking a three-day wilderness backpacking trip and putting teamwork into action while rock climbing in Jackson Hole. For young men, the Boys Extreme Adventure Race offers a chance to explore the outdoors through a new lens. BEAR’s will focus on orienteering, plant identification, and beginning wilderness survival skills will fuel a team of young explorers on an adventure through the wilderness surrounding Jackson Hole. A three-day backpacking trip will provide ample opportunity to test out shelter building, fire starting, route planning, wilderness navigation and decision making in the backcountry. The true race will be against the elements, against time and against any challenges set by the team… Come join the WOLVES and BEAR’s in exploring the wild country surrounding Jackson Hole and building the foundation for a lifetime of exploration in the outdoors!

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