Positive Mentor Mayhem

For my entire life, educators have surrounded me. In addition to my own teachers, coaches, and advisors, my parents both hold an extreme passion for the world of education. My mother has been an elementary school teacher for 35 years and my father was a school administrator and college professor during my childhood. Being an Americorps volunteer at Teton Science Schools has only enhanced my hunger to learn and master the art of teaching. I am certain that I picked the right place to pursue this goal.Throughout my time at Teton Science Schools I have been introduced to a tightly connected community of mentors. Each member of the community strives to bring something unique to the table and has overwhelming excitement to share information. I have been amazed at how much information can flow through a group effectively, and how accessible everyone is for answering questions, solving problems and making arrangements. Meetings with Teton Science Schools staff members never fail to end with distributed contact information and an invitation to seek out this staff member as a resource at any time. As a new member to the Field Education Team, this enthusiasm to help and be available is not only a unique trait to have in a work place, but also an incredible opportunity to gain immense knowledge at a rapid pace. In addition, I have greatly appreciated the willingness of fellow instructors to take the time to meet and plan how I will be incorporated into our days together, to share a new skeleton find or the specific meadow where elk are bugling. It may take some quick maneuvering, phones calls or emails, but if you can manage the mayhem you can be opened to world of tremendous mentors at Teton Science Schools.

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