Interdisciplinary Place-Based Projects: Merging Place and Project Based

When using interdisciplinary, place-based projects, learning can match the real world where the “traditional” subject area content, skills, and dispositions are taught through an integrated and frequently project-based approach.  This approach can challenge learners and hold them accountable to standards or competencies. In this virtual workshop, hear examples of place-based projects from across grade levels and discuss how to apply the ideas into your own teaching and learning.


Course Details:

  • October 11, 2022 | 5:30 to 7 PM MST
  • This workshop is available for free for Wyoming and Place Network teachers.


Professional Learning Objectives:

  • I can facilitate a locally relevant project in which learning includes outcomes/ standards from multiple domains.
  • I can utilize current interests and student voice to design and plan, using backwards planning, an extended project.


This virtual workshop is part of the Fall 2022 Professional Learning Series.  Sign up for all three workshops and save $15!

  • $30 for three workshops
  • $25 for two workshops
  • $15 per workshop