Packer John’s Cabin: Park Historical Signs

Driving Question

How did the decisions of our past citizens impact our community?
Grades Involved


What PBE Principles were highlighted in this project?

Community as Classroom, Inquiry-Based, Interdisciplinary, Learner-Centered, Local to Global, Design Thinking

Project Description

Students had a voice and choice during the entire project. They were able to design their own signs exactly the way they wanted to. We used Packer John’s Cabin Park as our outdoor classroom. This project included many core content areas. Students were always inquiring about the project to determine the route they wanted to take.

 How did this positively impact community? How was it shared?

It brought the community together. We had many local volunteers working with us through this whole project. We had a community celebration at the end to reveal the signs. We also had a class/family campout at the campground to celebrate the final product.


The biggest challenge was the timing. Making sure we hit the target times to finish so we could finish by the end of the school year.

Words of Wisdom

Be flexible… will have bumps in your journey….persevere and have the students help solve the problems with you. They have amazing ideas and are great problems solvers! Give students a voice and choice in the project.