The Great Phoenixes Baking Project

Driving Question

How can we, as artists and mad scientists, take our knowledge of baking and make a show?

Grades Involved



How did this project connect to the local or regional community?

Students had a chance to visit different bakeries in our community and invite community experts into the classroom to learn about the art and science of baking.


What PBE Principles were highlighted in this project?

Community as Classroom, Learner-Centered, Interdisciplinary Approach


Project Description

This project was inspired by competitive baking shows. Students unanimously chose to study the science of baking and show their understanding of baking science by creating a signature bake that they submitted to the competition.

Students built background knowledge by experimenting with baking and learning about the chemical changes that happen during the process. We visited different bakeries and had community experts visit to learn about the art of baking. Students then blended their understanding by creating signature bake designs that were submitted to the competition, presented to judges, and executed during the bake-off. Judges used a rubric to assess the signature bakes and announced a star baker at the end of the competition.




We had a short window of time to complete this project. I would have liked more time in class to go deeper into the art of baking, learning how to make caramel, chocolate sauce, etc.