Promoting Social-Emotional Learning

Students became hooked on an owl nest in a classmate’s backyard, turning an unimaginable year into an amazing learning experience. A look at approaching place-based learning through virtual instruction and getting students and families involved in learning about the places where they live. 

Henry Glaude, a then-fifth grader, who had been studying owls in his backyard for years, took his project to a new level during the pandemic. Henry’s family had an “owl box” in a tree at their home for years, usually with a camera attached. While studying science virtually with his clas, Henry was inspired to show the class the owl box through an iPhone broadcast, which quickly became the Weekly Owl Report.

Henry Glaude Photo credit: Columbia Daily Tribune

Henry’s teacher, Place Network School teacher, Brian Earls from Fairview Elementary in Columbia, Missouri, shared the report with Mike Szydlowski, district Science Coordinator of TSS partner school district, Columbia Public Schools. Mike gave Henry a platform for a weekly series, which led to a website, classmate “Field Reporters”, artwork, and more! Check out The Weekly Owl Report or the Columbia Daily Tribune article, featuring Henry, to learn more.

On April 22, you have an opportunity to join fellow teachers to learn more about Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and its applications to students. Join us virtually for Teton Science Schools’ sixth annual Place-Based Education Symposium, focused on education for a just, vibrant, sustainable world on April 22, 2022 from 4-7:30 MST.  

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