Returning to Teton Science Schools

My name is Kevin Rhamy, and I am a senior at Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am attending Ocean Lakes through the Mathematics and Science Academy which requires all of its seniors to complete a Mentorship or Research Project prior to graduating. Two years ago, the academy sophomores took a three-day field trip to the Jackson Campus of Teton Science Schools. This experience influenced me so greatly that two years later I decided to revisit the Jackson Campus to complete my mentorship. In the spring of my junior year, I contacted Kelli Petrick, the Research and Stewardship Coordinator of the Conservation Research Center, who helped make the entire project possible.For the mentorship portion of my project, I spent eight days on the Jackson Campus. Throughout the week, I shadowed Kelli and helped with summer programs that were taking place on campus. The “Mad Scientists” program was the primary summer camp I helped out with; it allowed third through fifth graders to interactively explore various science topics and apply them to everyday life. I was also able to help Kelli with off-campus events, such as helping out with a field day on water ecology with the Snake River Fund, trail maintenance, and wildlife conservation programs.Overall, the mentorship portion of my project was a huge success. For the written portion of my project, I plan on writing individual case studies on water ecology, education, as well as wildlife conservation. This project has already been a great experience for me and I am immensely grateful to have been given the opportunity by Kelli Petrick and Teton Science Schools to make it all happen.

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