Spring Outreach Programs About to Kick Off

The yearlong professional development program includes 2-4 daylong workshops in Jackson Hole, and an outreach program in the school.The outreach programs range in length from 2-5 days and with the following goals:

  1. To model strategies for implementing place-based science using the resources available in teachers’ own classrooms, school yards and communities.
  2. To provide unique practicum experiences for students in Teton Science Schools’ Graduate Program, allowing them opportunities to adapt outdoor teaching strategies to classroom settings and gain an experiential view of education in Wyoming through interactions with teachers and students across the state.

All outreach programs include time at the school – in the classrooms and on the school grounds – and a field trip to a nearby, park, greenway, or outdoor center. The topics of the programs are determined by the classroom teachers to integrate science and the local place into an interdisciplinary progression.

Over the five weeks of the outreach programs, Teton Science Schools team will work in 37 classrooms and serve 491 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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