The “Why?” Behind our New TSS Logo

We’ve created a new logo! Over the last two decades TSS has grown dramatically. We now encompass seven strong program areas each with a proven approach to achieving our mission to connect people, nature and place through education, science and stewardship. We have successfully expanded our organizational capacity to achieve this mission. We have also outgrown the old-fashioned seal that served as the Teton Science Schools emblem for years.The new TSS logo, with its mountain range and braided river, grounds our work in the Tetons while also highlighting our ability to reach students beyond our home. TSS works with students and educators from around region, the country and the world. We are an organization grounded in place but without borders. The new logo, unlike the old, reflects the expansiveness of our home landscape and our educational goals.We have also decided to embrace our abbreviated name, TSS, in this new design. For most participants, alumni and staff “TSS” carries with it a familiarity and friendliness that marks our style. We feel “TSS” and the new logo better represent who we are and how we work in the 21st century.As we move forward, when you see the mountain and river along with “TSS” you can rest assured that the quality, innovative, educational programs you have come to expect from us continue to thrive. The new logo will help us showcase, locally, regionally and nationally, the strength of each of our programs and the larger organization which houses them.

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