We’re All In!

For the first time in Teton Science Schools’ 49-year history, we are “all in” in supporting the organization philanthropically. By “we,” I mean parents of Teton Valley Community School and Journeys School students, as well as every full-time employee throughout the organization.

So what is the big deal?

Reaching 100% participation in any community effort is hard. Reaching 100% in giving is nearly unheard of. Not only is this is a first for TSS, it is a rare accomplishment at any nonprofit.

Why is this so hard?

There is an abundance of reasons why people decide that they do not have to give; many of those reasons are valid. Examples include:

Parents: I already pay tuition and I volunteer.

Employees: I work far more hours than my peers, and my gift is my unwavering commitment to my students.

By giving financially, we make a difference in two powerful ways:

1. First, gifts provide TSS with the resources to offer tuition assistance for students and support for faculty, both of which are institutional priorities. Gifts of every size add up as we crowdsource fundraising so that hundreds of gifts create tens of thousands of dollars in support.

2. Second, by giving financially we invest ourselves in TSS in every way possible. We give our time, our talents, and our treasure. It is a powerful statement to commit so much for a mission we believe in. And the power behind that statement grows exponentially when every single person commits.

At Teton Science Schools, our environment is breathtaking, but it’s our people that make our work meaningful in the lives of our students. We are Teton Science Schools, and we are ALL IN!

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