Wildlife Expedition Tradition

Approximately 3.1 million people visited this area last year, and 2.9 million of those came between May and September. We just completed our 11th summer season of Wildlife Expeditions connecting Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem visitors to nature and place through education. I would like take my cap off to the Wildlife Expeditions biologists who put their heart and souls into teaching so many people this season about this landscape about which our staff are so passionate.There are over ten other companies in the valley that provide Wildlife-related educational programs. So why are we different? 11 years ago Wildlife Expeditions seldom had to answer that question, as we were the pioneers. Now we do have to answer that question, and it is such a good opportunity to discuss what sets us apart. With being a program of Teton Science Schools, our biologist staff is not just guides, but also educators. They have the ability to teach at many different levels, needing to be very flexible, as a biologist may not know anything about the group until he picks them up in the morning.Being part of a non-profit, our participants appreciate that after our bills are paid, surplus revenue is able to subsidize other program areas. Also, we are proud to be part of an organization that has been committed to conservation of this landscape and community for over 40 years. Our unique vehicles equipped with roof hatches, sliding glass windows, and our “15-passenger” vans with only three rows of custom seats are very comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and very wildlife-watching and photography friendly. Additionally, Wildlife Expeditions guide staff provides training for some of the area guides. For example we team up with Grand Teton National Park to provide a guide training for Park concessionaires in the Spring.To learn more about Wildlife Expeditions, go to www.wildlifeexpeditions.org, or call 733-2623.

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