Wildlife Expeditions Adds Hiking Adventures

Wildlife Expeditions is excited to now be offering naturalist guided hikes in the Bridger-Teton National Forest! The day has come for our esteemed biologists to follow the footsteps of the Murie’s and provide their naturalist skills while on the trail. Commercial operations on National Forests are carefully regulated but Teton Science Schools recently became permitted to offer outfitting and guide services in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The permit area consists of an “outfitter camp” location in the Sheep Creek drainage up Curtis Canyon, and the lands that encompass Jackson Peak, Goodwin Lake, Table Mountain and areas north of Cache Creek.

Guests and biologists with Wildlife Expeditions are fortunate to witness Jackson Hole’s amazing flora and fauna every day, albeit mostly from a vehicle. Teton Science Schools participants are able to enjoy the splendors of Grand Teton National Park on foot, but in a limited way. We are not able to offer hikes over .5 miles from a trailhead within the Park. But with the acquisition of this Bridger-Teton National Forest permit we are now in the business of offering full-day hiking adventures. This allows our team to share even more knowledge, history and passion for this wonderful place with our guests, and give them an even-more-memorable experience with Teton Science Schools.

Staff training trips this summer have been amazing. We are really looking forward to this new service. We are exploring other ways to provide unique experiences through this opportunity as well- the establishment of a TSS Field Camp in Sheep Creek perhaps, maybe a field lab or even a luxury camping site. Who knows? The possibilities lie around every corner, tree and wildflower.

So give us a call and join one of our many talented biologists in the field and away from the windshield. (307) 733-2623 everyday 8am-8pm.

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