Wyoming Wildlife Wonders: Day 1

My First Impression of WyomingI am from the Northeast and was awed at the grandeur of the mountains. It was breathtaking and beautiful to see the snowcapped mountains from the air. I cannot believe that any place could be so spacious. It was really humbling. I always thought that the White Mountains were tall, but coming here to Jackson Hole I saw that the Tetons were even taller than I imagined. I immediately felt that I would enjoy myself here. This is a place where you can really tune into nature and get back to yourself. It is a magical paradise so different from any city or town anywhere in the country. It is a unique place. By: KaylaThe Amazing LandscapeCompared to New Jersey where I am from, this state has many more eye-catching sights such as snow-capped high peaked mountains and flowery fields and forests. We saw beautiful creeks and rivers meandering through the woods. Our tour guide, Benj, showed us by name the rare plants, shrubs, and trees of Wyoming. To make our stay more comfortable we get to stay in adorable, rustic cabins. Some of the sights that really caught my eye were the tree filled hills and spacious, bright blue skies complete with fluffy white clouds. The beautiful sights of Wyoming make me feel like I never want to leave. By: JoslynTravel Experience and AdviceWe have only been in Wyoming one day and already we are seeing amazing things. The trip, obviously, started with travel. Many of us took planes, and for many it was the first time traveling without a parent. Getting into the airport is no problem as long as you follow the rules. No weapons, biohazards, and such. The prices for food are crazy at the airport. If you have a chance, eat before going to the airport.Another problem is the seating. Many of us, I included, were afraid of sitting with strangers. A great way to feel more comfortable is to find out if anyone is going to the same program and trying to get on the same flight, and even adjacent seats. Also, the plane is cold. Even if it is over 100 outside, make sure that you have a coat. Another helpful thing to have is a neck pillow. This allows you to sleep while sitting up.The final piece of advice from my personal experience is to use the bathroom prior to boarding the plane and getting your bags. It is much easier this way and you will have fewer worries. Make sure to take your camera in your carry on. There are great sites to see in the sky and you don’t want to miss these picture perfect chances. By: Becca

Things I’m Looking Forward to

  • Going to bed early.
  • Breakfast.
  • Going to Yellowstone.
  • Canoeing.
  • Learning about the animals.
  • S’mores.
  • Talking and singing by the campfire.
  • Making new friends.
  • Learning about botany.
  • Hiking.
  • Walking through the woods.
  • Seeing moose.

By: Meg

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