Wyoming Wildlife Wonders: Day 3

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Wyoming WomenOn Monday night we watched a very inspiring movie. It was called “Don’t Fence Me In” and it was about women in Wyoming. A few people stuck out a lot though. A woman named Misty worked for an air mill. She was a single mom with two children. She loves her job and does it well. Two others stuck out too. Two young girls had an E.A.R.T.H (Environmental Activists Ready To Help) club. They made big differences and helped the environment.

During our interviews with guest speakers on Tuesday night one woman stuck out in particular. Her name is Colleen. She was a teacher at first, but ended up working at the Teton Science Schools as a Program Host. Teaching is a possibility for me. What I thought was really interesting was her degree in French. I want to learn many languages and I’m starting with French in high school.-Allison

CanoeingToday we went canoeing and it was a blast! We learned to canoe if we didn’t know how and if we did, we just got better. We saw some beautiful sites and will remember whem for life. We became closer friends with each other by playing games and chatting. Everyone enjoyed canoeing, it was relaxing, refreshing, and awesome to see the Tetons up-close. There was a lot of teamwork going on and everyone worked together very well. It’s gonna be a wonderful week!-Brenna

Seed HarvestingToday we were a part of helping nature. We harvested the seeds of the arrowleaf balsamroot plant to be replanted in our National Parks. Everyone chipped-in and we got enough seeds to weigh 10 pounds! Overall the view was amazing and the wildflowers smelled beautiful.-Katie

LeadershipWe learned a little bit about leadership. Leadership to me means that you help your team strive to work harder. We also learned how women in the past and women today are taking leadership roles. They are doing things that men thought women couldn’t do. They should inspire girls everywhere just like they inspired me. Being in Wyoming has taught me a lot.-Abby

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