AmeriCorps Impact Through Community Service

Having completed the first month of our AmeriCorps internship, we have gained insight and formulated plans with our respective community service projects. Each small group of us has very different projects and goals for completion of work that will better the organization and hopefully leave a lasting mark. There are three organizations with whom we are working with including the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum, the Teton Valley Recycling Center, and the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance. Here’s a brief update on our projects involving the Jackson Hole community:

Jackson Hole Children’s MuseumThree members of the cohort are hard at work on revamping and reworking two exhibits at the Children’s Museum, Wind Machine and Dig Pit, in hopes of creating a more cohesive exhibit that promotes creativity, play, and learning. In addition to improving exhibits, Patrick, Anna, and Elle are acting as play engineers and helping small children to understand some of the scientific concepts behind wind, magnets and dinosaurs among other topics. The members are looking forward to their work with the museum with high hopes of inspiring creativity and learning through play, for the Jackson Hole children and their families.

Teton Valley Recycling CenterTwo member of the cohort are working with the Teton Valley Recycling Center in order to promote “up-cycling” within Jackson Hole area schools. Laura and John plan to provide information about the recycling process through TerraCycle, a green business organization, who turn waste products into fashionable commodities for sale around the world. The members are looking forward to working with kids to dig in the trash and come up with items that can be reused in valuable ways.

Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance The final three members of our cohort are helping the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance start a neighborhood certification program which will encompass aspects that focus on the best practices for human-wildlife interaction and safety, as well as wildfire mitigation. Rachel, Ashley and Allison are looking forward to talking with homeowners and the public about this opportunity and beginning to implement all of the above practices. They are excited about being on the forefront of a new certification program that could potentially be implemented state-wide and nationally.

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