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After nearly five years of bringing graduate students and delegations of teachers from Bhutan to Teton Science Schools, an official delegation from TSS and the University of Wyoming will be traveling to Bhutan in January 2013. Doug Wachob, Tracy Logan and I will represent TSS and Kate Welsh will join our team from the University of Wyoming. We will be gone from January 7 – 25, 2013 including two weeks in Bhutan with about half a week of travel time to and from Bhutan. Pending access to internet, we will update the Journal as a blog to serve as a record of our trip – thanks to Nick Delmolino for helping to coordinate the blog from Wyoming!While in Bhutan, our team will offer two three-day workshops for 25 teachers. The first workshop will be in Paro followed by one in Thimphu, the capitol city. We will meet with the Bhutanese Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee for the TSS-Bhutan partnerships, and we will travel to schools in Punaka and Wangdu.Here’s a tentative schedule of our time in Bhutan:January 9 – Arrive in Paro, BhutanJanuary 10 – Rest and sightseeing in ParoJanuary 11 – Meeting with Steering Committee in ThimphuJanuary 12 – 14 – Teacher Workshop in ParoJanuary 15-17 – Teacher Workshop in ThimphuJanuary 18 – Sightseeing in ThimphuJanuary 19 – Visit PunakhaJanuary 20 – Visit WangduephodrangJanuary 21 – Return to ParoJanuary 22 – Departure from BhutanPlease check back here for updates about our trip!

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