Mason Wood

Growing up in Southern Idaho, Mason got to spend summers and fall in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This time fostered love and passion for the Great Outdoors. This passion followed Mason into college where she worked on various conservation projects, worked for the Outdoor Center, began backpacking, and pursued her Geology degree! She started planning trips to the National Parks to marvel at the geologic wonders and see some of the most spectacular places the United States has. During the past five years, Mason has been fortunate enough to experience 50 out of 63 national parks, with the crowning achievement of getting to live in Grand Teton National Park! While traveling to see as many parks as possible, Mason worked as an instructor and administrator at the largest outdoor school in the United States, located in Southern California. This allowed her to develop her teaching skills in conservation and natural sciences. After living in varying places across the West, Mason looked to her roots and moved to work with TSS as a Summer Instructor in 2022. After two summers of instructing with TSS, Mason has had the opportunity to further her skills as a Program Coordinator at the historic Kelly Campus. She is very passionate about National Parks, place-based education, and her two kittens, Blueberry and Buttermilk.