Naomi Gregory-Orchard

Naomi grew up in the Sonoran Desert. Her love for natural sciences and outdoor exploration started among saguaros and red rock canyons and has brought her to the alpine forests and glacial valleys of Jackson Hole. Naomi’s youth was shaped by place-based education as she handled snakes at her local museum, planned wetland restoration projects, and attended a residential environmental school in Wisconsin. Naomi loves to travel and has lived, worked, and studied in New Zealand, Serbia, Bosnia, and Nepal. As she completed her bachelor’s degree in management and restoration of aquatic ecosystems at Utah State University, Naomi spent her summers as a whitewater river guide on the Colorado, Green, and Snake Rivers. Naomi has a passion for geology, hydrology, conversation, and fostering a connection to the natural world. In her free time, Naomi enjoys rafting, skiing, a good book, and exploring the outdoors. As a Field Education Instructor at TSS, Naomi is excited to share with others her passion for our beautiful world and the joy of learning.