Sam Neirman

M.S. Natural Science Education, University of Wyoming 

Graduate Program of Teton Science Schools 

B.S. Forestry and Plant Biology, University of Vermont Sam comes to TSS with a sincere belief in the power of place, people, and stories. His story began in the Green Mountains of Vermont where he still vividly remembers his “special place” atop an eroded riverbank overlooking the Ompompanoosuc River. His curiosity for the outdoors led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Plant Biology. As much as Sam admired the intricacies of sugar maples and white pines while working as a forestry consultant, he yearned for the inspiration of people. For the past dozen years, in a diverse array of managerial and teaching experiences, Sam has explored the intersectionality of education and science. This journey has molded his educational philosophy in which we all arrive at any moment with a story to tell. It is our responsibility to ensure we provide an inclusive space where that story can be heard and valued. He looks forward to hearing your story when he has the privilege of meeting you.