Marshmallow Mondays and More

At six o’clock pm on a Monday evening, another instructor and I greeted a family in the Welcome Center on the Jackson Campus of Teton Science Schools. The family signed up for Marshmallow Monday, one of our four evening programs that take place throughout the week. After we played a fun name game that involved juggling objects and passing them to one another, the eight of us embarked on a hike up Vogel’s Trail. All of us agreed that, after a hot day, the early evening was a perfect time to hike. On our way to the top, we encountered vibrant wildflowers and varied landscapes. The kids enjoyed flipping through their tree and track guides to identify the animal scat and plants we found along the trail. We then delved into the characteristics of different plant communities and discussed the interconnectedness of nature. After we took a few breaks to catch our breath and appreciate the scenery, we finally made it to the top. Our reward for a job well done was a dramatic view of the Teton mountain range and the surrounding valley. We returned to campus and circled around a campfire to roast marshmallows and share fun stories.In addition to Marshmallow Monday, we offer a variety of evening programs throughout the week. On Treasure Hunt Tuesday, families use a Global Positioning System unit to take part in a treasure hunt and explore our scenic trails. On Water Wednesday, we paddle String Lake, enjoy dinner on the water, and learn about the surrounding area. Tracking Thursday involves a lesson in telemetry and tracking animals. Click here for more information on these programs.

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