Nature Mapping JH and Wildlife Expeditions Form a Dynamic Duo

Many valley residents know Bert Raynes for his weekly column in the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Bert is more than just an author, birder and advocate. He is a philanthropist as well. The Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund is essential in promoting citizen science in Jackson Hole.

Nature Mapping JH is promoted by all program areas of Teton Science Schools. For the last two summer seasons, Wildlife Expeditions has invited trained Nature Mappers for a complimentary ride along on existing expeditions. This unique partnership engages our guests with citizen science. The combination of the Wildlife Expeditions Biologists and the Nature Mappers are poised to provide a model for conservation at the grass roots level. Nature Mappers w hile partnering with Wildlife Expeditions have tallied and contributed 4764 individual wildlife sightings, 709 observations (339 birds, 370 mammals) into the database. The best part is we have engaged 27 local volunteers in this process.

We hope that through this partnership we are enhancing research, management, local awareness of TSS and creating more engaged citizens and visitors. Many kudos go out to Megan Smith, Nature Mapping JH Coordinator and TSS Alum.

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