New CRC Research Director Joins TSS

Educator and Ecologist, Dr. Kevin Krasnow, joins the TSS community as Research Director of the Conservation Research Center and graduate faculty. Recently arriving from Berkeley, California, Kevin is an educator and ecologist passionate about understanding how to live sustainably with the natural world. As an educator, he seeks to involve his students in ecological inquiry and help them build a sense of place. His foundation as an educator was built by his work as an instructor for Outward Bound in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana. His journey as an educator continued in the urban landscape of San Francisco where, as the Science Department Chair of a public charter high school, he developed inquiry-based science curriculum and conceived and directed the Gateway Outdoor Leadership and Science program.As an ecologist, his research seeks to understand how and why ecosystems change and identify management opportunities for increasing ecosystem resilience. As a disturbance ecologist he examines how humans, climate change or natural disturbances impact habitat quality, species diversity and broader ecosystem services. Field observations and measurements provide the foundation of his research, but he also employs simulation models and experimental manipulations. He couldn’t imagine a job that better fits his experience and passions than working for Teton Science Schools. He and his family have been thrilled with the warm welcome by Teton Science Schools and look forward to getting to know this beautiful place and community.

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