Outdoor Education Training

Our Approach

The TSS Independent School uses place-based education to connect learning to communities through three foundations:

  • Academic Engagement
  • Character Development
  • Community Focus

Place-based education increases student engagement, boosts learning outcomes, impacts communities, and promotes understanding of the world around us.

Faculty & Staff

  • Michelle Heaton Head of School

  • Elle Shafer Associate Head of School Teton Valley Campus

  • Anna Dwinnell Lower School Division Head

  • Ethan Lobdell Middle School Division Head

  • David Porter Upper School Division Head

  • Peter Poutiatine Director of Teaching and Learning

  • Erin Solomon Pre-Kindergarten Division Head

  • Kellie Walsh Assistant Director of Enrollment Management, Jackson Campus

  • Amanda Colgate Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Bari Bucholz Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Beth Caputi Director of College Counseling, Jackson Campus

  • Betsy Trowbridge Curriculum and Program Design Coordinator - Place Network

  • Caitlin Davis Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Chelsea Troy Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Christina Macy Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Corbin Lang Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • David May Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Drew Overholser Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Emmy Watsabaugh Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • George Cartwright Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Heidi Kohler Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Hilary Hays Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • John Williams Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Jonathan Souter Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Julie Thomsen Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Katie Rose Griffith Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Kristen Hesler Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Kristi Fisher CLP Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Leilani Daniels CLP Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Mika Burdette Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Jackson Campus

  • Molly Nash Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Paige Fisher Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Raneta Kinney Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Teton Valley Campus

  • Sam Wilson Faculty/Classroom Assistant, Teton Valley Campus

  • Shannon Shuptrine Director of Elementary School, Jackson Campus

  • Tonia Ralston Adjunct Faculty, Teton Valley Campus

  • Tonya Cranston Lead Learning Specialist, Jackson Campus

  • Tracy Mulligan Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Zach Singer Faculty, Jackson Campus

  • Zinnie Aepli Faculty, Jackson Campus